After an in-depth analysis of the space our designers will draw up a plan on how the space will be used.
Our designers will create a 3D model of furniture and accessories to give you a visualization of the final result.
Our experts will plan and place the lighting in a way that goes best with the interiors.
Our project managers will manage all the work involved in bringing your dream to life.

As you’ve invested a lot of money into your home, you definitely would want to showcase it to look its best. Interior Designers are called with that name for a reason. They are highly trained professionals and truly serve a purpose for everyone. They have this power to give your ideas a whole new perspective. If you are not sure about your ideas or simply don’t have the time required to execute your ideas due to your busy schedule, then, hiring an Interior Designer is the smartest decision to make.

Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer:

» Professional would help the client avoid costly mistakes by their trained approach to planning, budgeting and achieving deadlines.

» They are your one point solution to all related services like carpentry, civil, electrical etc.

» You get to fulfill your family and professional commitments while your house is in the making.

» Their expertise helps you to understand current trends and best utilization of available material in the market.

» Quality control and strict supervision at site is taken care of.

» Flexible and transparent payment modes to suit everyone.

» Control point on the conduct of the contractors and adhering to society rules and regulations.

Complete List of Services We Provide:

Space Planning/ Site Measurements

False Ceiling Design

Window Work

Seepage & Leakage Treatment

 Modular Kitchens

Execution, Quality Checks and Supervision

Soft Furnishings

Wall Tiling / Floor Tiling

Plumbing Work

Wall Design / Paint / Decor

Site Handover

Furniture Design

Civil Work

Waterproofing Work

Electrical Work

3D Rendering